When I was a child, I liked to turn boxes. The old-fashioned big red box, with a bag sewn on the inside of the box cover, had mom and dad's marriage certificate inside. I always opened it to see mom's beautiful face and dad's young appearance, and always said, mom is really beautiful.


Black and white photos, two inches, and lace, were rubbed by me, torn by my father, recorded years, recorded my childhood, grew up, occasionally sorted clothes and opened that photo, always felt that the woman in the picture and the mother now can not match up-up, when mom married 21 years old and now is nearly 41, that once beautiful appearance has been eroded by years, Yellow by the loess, by the sun out of black spots, full of face.


When I was a teenager, I was rebellious and hated the inferior cosmetics that my mother bought occasionally. It was thick and ugly on my face, and I felt that it made me lose face when I went out. So I always liked to taunt her. My mother was a hard mouthed person, but I scolded me, and I wanted to be strong, so I quarreled. At that time, my father always protected me, and I was rejected by my family, Helpless, I will cry in darkness, but the mother did not cry hard mouth, with curse to defend themselves, but also to safeguard a woman's dignity, then I was always happy in the moment's fast tongue, now want to come, then my mother's heart is bleeding, I do not know now say sorry is not too late.

  十几岁时,我逆反,讨厌妈妈有时候买来的伪劣护肤品,涂在脸部厚厚的一层,不好看,出来 还感觉要我很丢面子,所以我总爱冷嘲热讽她,母亲个不识好歹的人,说但是我便骂我,我又要好,一来二去,就吵了起來,而那时候,父亲总护着我,要来,那时候把我亲人抵触,无奈,我能哭得昏天黑地,但不识好歹的母亲没哭,用骂脏话来维护保养自身,也是维护保养一个女人的自尊,那时候的我总开心于一时的口舌之快,如今要来,那时候母亲撕心裂肺的痛吧,不知道如今说声对不起还晚不迟。

Now I, a 19-year-old girl, know that as a woman, love is not natural, no one has the right to deprive. My mother is also a woman. She devoted her beautiful years to her family, but I framed her with the role of a mother and criticized her with poor family circumstances. Her appearance was fixed on the photo of the marriage certificate, and could never return to her face, and finally understood, When she quarrels with her father, why is she always desperate to snatch the torn marriage certificate from her father? That's the right of every woman as a woman.