2020, a special year, a beautiful number. However, the arrival of new pneumonia casts a shadow on the whole of China. It is like a "black cloud" covering China. Suddenly, the sky is dark and the world is cold. However, this 5000 year old China has a group of people who are united and friendly. They stick to the virtue of "when one side is in trouble, all people rush to help" and look forward to the sun behind the "black cloud".

these are a group of fearless and brave people, who rush to the front line of anti epidemic regardless of their safety. Academician Zhong Nanshan, who said "no special circumstances, don't go to Wuhan", went to Wuhan without hesitation to fight against the virus. "Beautiful nurse Shan Xia, who wanted to change her hairstyle a year ago, actually achieved her wish," shaved her head to avoid cross infection The nurse, who has been working hard for many days, has no idea that her face has been covered with strangulation marks. The weeping doctor, who learned that her friend in the same trade was infected with the virus, resolutely turned to save the patient Lu Xun said: since ancient times, we have people who work hard, who work hard, who ask for people's lives, and who sacrifice their lives to seek law. These angels in white, regardless of their remuneration, life or death, are responsible for the nation and are worthy of being the backbone of China.

this is a group of selfless people who donate medical materials to the best of their ability. Han Hong went all over the world to raise about 100 million yuan, and many star netizens gave generously. Car drivers donated 50000 masks and sent them to Wuhan in person. A child bought masks for police with all his lucky money, and expressed his wish of "I hope you can protect yourself well" in crooked font Love and kindness have nothing to do with class or age. In the face of disaster, they are all beautiful people.

China is a country full of love and strength. Here, huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals have sprung up at the speed of light, and Xiaotangshan Hospital has also been built. Here, there is love everywhere. Doctors don't care about life and death, and people don't pay. Here, there is no shortage of good people, no shortage of patriots. Here, "Da Ai" continues the Chinese story.

in this beautiful country, even if everyone's strength is weak, they can also form a river. I hope that every middle school student can stay at home, pay attention to the epidemic situation, care about the safety of the front; do not get together, do not go out, do not add chaos to the country; step by step, study hard, forge ahead. This is our greatest contribution. Only in this way can we live up to the dedication and expectations of countless people.

the more serious the epidemic is, the more blood we unite. As long as we unite as one, the "black cloud" of new pneumonia will eventually dissipate and Wuhan will be peaceful.

let's make an appointment. How about going to Wuhan to enjoy cherry blossoms when spring is warm and sunny?