since the outbreak of New Coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, health care workers, as the front-line warriors, have been fighting death and death in hospitals and invisible enemies every day, trying to restore the vitality of those who should have been happy to lie on the bed during the Spring Festival. They, they are respectable people.

however, it is also worthy of respect as well as medical care, and we should say "thank you for your hard work!" And everyone who sticks to this for the normal operation of the city and the health and happiness of everyone.

the security guards of the community still patrol every day, but recently, in addition to patrolling, they shoulder the responsibility of strictly guarding the gate of the community, not allowing foreign vehicles to enter, and the vehicles inside the community can only get out but not enter; the staff of the high-speed toll station also stick to their posts on the 30th of the year, strictly checking the vehicles transporting materials into Wuhan City, and they will also attach a sentence: "master, work hard, come on Wuhan!" On the construction site of Huoshen leishenshan hospital, workers come from various provinces and cities of the motherland to build temporary hospitals with high quality day and night. Ordinary residents are self disciplined at home and do not go out. When they go home, they wash their hands and disinfect according to the standard.

the supermarket is full of shelves, the clean road, the take away boy on the road, and the hot food eaten by the medical staff. Every orderly scene is inseparable from everyone who has paid for it. They are also worthy of "hard work", and they are also worthy of praise. This Spring Festival is destined to be unusual, because there are medical staff fighting in the front line, volunteer support team of yingbida, and these ordinary people who still stick to their posts. They are in the same boat and support each other. We will win this epidemic war!

there is no lover in the epidemic. In the present extraordinary period, everyone's persistence is the greatest help to the epidemic situation. We all care for each other and work hard together. If every ordinary person contributes more, the haze of coronavirus will dissipate one day earlier. Wuhan, come on!