The hardships and hardships over and over again require the unity of our people. Only when we work together can we get through the difficulties, and make our motherland more comfortable and more comfortable. The outbreak of this disease has come quietly, like the dormant beast, which has swept China from Wuhan. New Coronavirus, named 2019-ncov, quietly entered China through animal products in Southern China's seafood market, and began to rampant in Wuhan, Hubei and China. In just over 20 days, nearly ten thousand patients have been in the country, and the suspected cases have broken ten thousand. In this severe situation, the provinces immediately began to take measures to prevent the further spread of the virus. But it is worrying that, despite the measures taken, 299000 people left Wuhan to disperse to the whole country and even to all over the world before Wuhan was closed. There are people who are in a panic and panic. Some people make strange things and spread rumors maliciously, "coronavirus is the evolved SARS virus", "the car with license plate is running out of Hubei Province, and everyone should be careful of" saltwater mouthwash to prevent infection "and" masks must be worn with multiple layers to prevent coronary virus ". While the country is facing a major epidemic, some people spread threatening rumors and disrupt social order. Not only that, but also illegal businesses make a lot of money. The original price of a box of ten masks is only 1200 yuan, but the price has reached 850 yuan. When people all over the country are concerned about the epidemic, it is really hateful that these illegal elements want the state to separate one hand to clarify rumors and punish these illegal acts. But it is a great honor that in the face of the great disaster, not only the hands in the chaos are in the fish, but also many desperate people, who are put into the team to fight the epidemic. Among them, academician Zhongnanshan, 84, immediately rushed to the first line at the beginning of the epidemic in Wuhan to save those suffering from virus and loved by the whole country, so that some people said "when shall we go out?"? Zhongnanshan let us go out and we will go out! " Such a noble man who dares to be a person first and is devoted to the country, we can not help but pay great attention to it. Naturally, in the first line of the fight against coronavirus, far more than a academician Zhongnanshan, suffering from asymptote, Dr. Zhang Dingyu in his wife infected with the coronavirus, but chose to continue fighting in the front line. From 4:00 pm, I curled up and lay down for a while. It was a war without smoke, and the danger faced by these soldiers was no less than the real battlefield. But they still shuttle between patients, giving them hope of the dawn. Without them, the epidemic may not be the case. It is them that have given our people the confidence to overcome the epidemic. It is possible that the country can become stronger only in the face of a disaster. Only after experience can we be able to deal with the disaster in a more stable way. I believe that our motherland will be able to survive this difficult period and therefore become stronger. Come on, China!