No one expected that 2020 would be such a beginning, because of a disease and start to house the whole country. But I think mental illness is worse than physical illness. During this period of time, we should hurry to live a full life. Life is random. Unexpected illness or tragic accident can affect our life at any time. What we need is a good attitude.

many times, people's fate is like falling leaves, where to go, always involuntarily. In the face of disease, people are so small, but we should also face up to fear, not just this time to respond to national policies. In the history of human progress, the struggle against disease is a heavy stroke, with blood and tears as well as harvest. Looking back has always been bleak, there is no wind and rain, no sunshine.

this Spring Festival, many places across the country launched first-class response, and we classified the epidemic as particularly serious. People need to wear masks when they go out and do not visit relatives. From then on, we should advocate people to fast wild food. But these can't solve the current rampant virus. The increasing number of confirmed and suspected cases makes people feel heavy. We can only pray at home and hope that with the joint efforts of the people of the whole country, the alarm will be lifted as soon as possible.

today's epidemic is not only the difficulties encountered by Wuhan, but also the common problems faced by the people of the whole country. We should have the spirit of support from all sides. What can I do? When I can't do anything, I try not to bring trouble to the country and society, do my own study well at home, and don't blindly follow rumors. At the same time, I have a new understanding of biological science.

disease is like fog, but the fog will gradually dissipate. The sky in the East has a little red light, and the clouds beside it are also dyed a little pink. Slowly, the sun pokes out its head, and the light and brightness show up a little bit. I know that the darkness before dawn is the most difficult, and then, the East should be a fish belly white. In the end, the sun will be like a big red orange cut in half. I firmly believe that by then, the epidemic will have taken a turn for the better and be under control. Spring begins today. We'll finally see the sun rise!

come on Wuhan! Go China!

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