In the face of the epidemic, everyone is threatened, and everyone is also an actor in the fight against the epidemic. Everyone has love, can let the virus nowhere to hide.

, a red handprint, was written in the Internet in recent days. In the face of the epidemic of pneumonia caused by New Coronavirus, members of the medical team who fought against SARS in Xiaotangshan, Beijing, took the initiative to participate in the prevention and control work in 2003. "If there is a war, the call will come back, and the war will win!" It is admirable to take the oath.

everyone knows what it means to choose to go to the front line at this time and what may happen. However, some people wrote "regardless of pay, regardless of life and death" in the application form, some people resolutely chose to go to Wuhan to fight against the epidemic, and some people were determined to stick to the front line of fighting the epidemic. If the medical and nursing staff who regard life-saving as their bounden duty have more responsibility, the epidemic situation will be less rampant, and the people will have more peace. Their courage and responsibility are awe inspiring; their backs in protective clothing bring their own halo and warm people's hearts.

this is a game with death. "Knowing that there are tigers in the mountain, we prefer to travel in the tiger mountain." With a sincere and selfless heart, they gave up the time of reuniting with their relatives and were not afraid of the risk of being infected by the virus. They fought in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, regardless of pay, fear of life and death, and stress no conditions. They spared no effort to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and protect people's health.

they do their best to protect people's health. Take off the mask, the bridge of the nose has been worn, the scratch of the cheek is clearly visible; take off the protective clothing, sweat has been soaked through the back of the clothing; young children across the fence to visit the nurse mother who hasn't been home for several days The tearful and distressing pictures set a good example for the medical workers on the front line of anti epidemic. It is they who stick to the front line, guard silently, and do their best with the benevolence of doctors who "do my best according to what I have learned", so that more patients can be diagnosed in time, and the number of cured and recovered cases continues to increase.

no one is born a hero, but there are always people who achieve greatness with ordinary efforts. With the epidemic situation as the order, the white "anti Walker" stepped forward to meet the difficulties, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder to build an indestructible life line, let us see the dawn of hope behind the virus haze. But "retrograde" is not a lonely trek. Doctors and nurses, scientific researchers, media reporters, and so on, countless busy figures who are shining with human brilliance and fighting on the anti epidemic battlefield, have gathered together to win the fight against the epidemic prevention and control. There is light in the eyes, there is love in the soul, there is awe in the heart, there is kindness. Isolate virus, but never isolate love. Heart to heart, hand in hand, requires empathy, empathy and empathy. There is a best medicine called love, an antibody called love, and a love called China! We can't make more contributions in the "campaign", so we should cooperate well, protect ourselves, accumulate stamina and prepare for tomorrow's running. No one can fall behind in this "battle"!