A white dress, a pair of brown corners, and two grape like eyes, constitute a lovely sheep doll, that is my "angel.". "Angel" is a birthday gift for me. When Dad put it in my arms, I loved it deeply. I have a hobby, is to give the doll name, such as dog bit, kitten, mouse soup, so what name to the lamb? We can meet is a chance, it flies to me like an angel, call it "angel" it! Besides, I am a sheep, and the sheep is my guardian angel, and it is the most suitable angel to call it. The angel has always been a calm and peaceful manner, as if it were. When he saw the smiling lamb, it turned into nihility. Remember once, my mother's money disappeared, angry, no matter how I explain, can not hear, one breath of assurance that I am a thief. I was so wronged that I threw the door into the room and cried alone. At this time, it may be crying violently. Angel rolled down from the shelf, smiling in front of me, which is a smile of understanding and a comforting smile. It seems to say, "don't cry, little master, I understand your mood, wronging is the most painful, so I hate wrongdoing most. But, you think, the wrongdoers must have their own pains. They have been suffering enough. We are angry with him again. Isn't it salt sprinkled on the wound? " I nodded with heart, hugged the angel and smiled happily, and ran out of the sky. Soon, my mother found money on another dress and admitted to me that she was wrong. I was very happy, always feel "angel" in the dark help, help mom to find the money, also returned me innocence. "Angel", "angel in white", you both help people solve the pain and give them warmth. I love you, the angel that gives me comfort, I love you more, and give up my own salvation of the "angel in white".

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  “天使之”历年来全是一付平心静气的模样,仿佛多少的气,一看到这只笑容的小羊羔就化作虚有。还记得有一次,母亲的钱不见了,发火无比,无论我怎么解释,都听不进,一口咬定我是盗窃犯。我诬陷无比,甩门进入房间,独自一人抽泣。已经这时候,可能是抽泣大强烈,“天使之”从铁架子上滚了出来,在我正前方笑容着,是了解的笑,是宽慰的笑,仿佛在说:“小主人,别哭了,我了解你的情绪,诬陷是最不舒服的了,因此 我非常反感诬陷。但是,你想一想,诬陷大家的人一定有自身的苦处,她们早已够苦的了,大家再发火给他们,那还并不是创口上洒盐吗?”我能心地址了点点头,紧抱“天使之”开心地笑了,气也跑到九霄云外。