One night, I was lying in bed asleep, dream of me sitting at a desk, wearing a white coat, I became the "angel in white"! Just as I was immersed in the joy of becoming a doctor, I was asked to have an operation.

I'm confused. How can a sixth grader do surgery? Oh, I'm a 20-year-old doctor now. It's my bounden duty to help the dying and the wounded! "Director Sun, this is the medical record of today's operation!" My little apprentice said to me. Looking at the various tools and instruments in the operating room and the patients lying on the operating table waiting for me to treat, I suddenly understood what I should do. The sound of "knife" and "wipe sweat" lasted for an hour. Finally, there is the last step. When the "click" assistant cuts the last thread, it is finally finished. Walking off the operating table, I was a little tired, but I had to smile and say, "the operation was very successful. Under observation, the wound will be better in about a week." I said to the patient's family. "Thank you so much, Dr. Sun. Thank you, thank you!" Looking at their grateful eyes, I thought that I had snatched my life from death just a few minutes ago. I feel very happy in my heart.
I didn't get a lot of happiness from another patient, but I didn't get him back. Unable to accept the reality, the family members cried bitterly in the corridor of the hospital. They even picked up a bottle and threw it at me! I wake up in fright, Hoo! It's just a dream!

my dream is to be a doctor. Even if I will face the departure of my life and the misunderstanding of my family members, I have no regrets. It can bring health to more people and hope for the future. I am proud of this sacred profession. I will study hard for my dream! In the near future, I will be the best "angel in white".

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