What is an angel? Some people will say, "it's a beautiful blessing." And did you ever know? Every naive, intelligent, sentimental and clumsy person has a kind angel in his little heart. They guide you and encourage you to succeed in life! Perhaps, you did not find her, but she always behind you, quietly help you!

I will never forget the angel in white who silently encouraged me when I was young - Wang Shasha!

when I was in the third grade, there were extracurricular interest groups in my class, such as dancing. Although I am small and young, in my heart, I love dance very much. I think dance can enhance my self-confidence. So after some thinking, I decided to take part in dance training class. But when signing up to fill in the form, several big girls, with a hint of ridicule, said: "I don't think you should take part in the dance class. You little girl, it's incongruous to stand with us!" Finish saying, still cover mouth, giggle. I immediately blushed with shame, "I don't apply for dance class." But I signed up for a computer class. At the same time, I met a girl named "the fun of dancing" on the Internet by chance. I ignored her, but she was sending me messages all the time. I don't think she would ask me any more when she saw my photo, so she sent me a recent photo. I didn't expect her to say, "your single eyelid looks good." I asked, "don't you think it looks like an ugly duckling?" "No, but lack of confidence is not good." Later, I had a good talk with her. After that, every time I was free, I would go to the dance studio to see Wang Shasha and them practice dancing. When I was unhappy, I would talk to "the fun of dancing". She always shared my worries, encouraged me and let me regain my self-confidence. Finally, in the fourth grade, I jumped up, and the second phase of the dance registration began. In school, Wang Shasha advised me to sign up, I hesitated. When I got home, I told "the fun of dancing" about it. She gave me her full support and I signed up. After participating in dance training, I kept on training every day, rain or shine. Finally, I was able to dance to Wang Shasha's group. On children's day, my teacher asked me to dance with Wang Shasha. I asked, "will the fun of dancing" come to see the performance? "Yes, at that time, I would be dressed in white," she said I can't help but be very happy, but on the day of the performance, after Wang Shasha and I finished dancing, we never saw "the fun of dancing". I was very disappointed. After the performance, I sat in front of the gate, watching, watching. At this time, Wang Shasha came over and said, "there is one thing I don't know whether to say or not!" "What's the matter? You said "Well, are you waiting for a girl online?" I couldn't help wondering how she knew about my appointment with "the fun of dancing"? "What are you trying to say?" "I am the joy of dancing. Can you forgive me?" Wang said. Oh, my God, it's her, the smart one! You said, her kindness, I can not forgive her?