Speaking of friends, I think I am a lucky person. From childhood to large, I have few friends, but every friend has left indelible marks in my life. They will never be lost in my life, and I will never forget them. It is not only from primary school, junior high school, but also to now, different friends bring me different feelings. Speaking of friends, their figures flash clearly in my mind, one by one, one scene plot. At this moment, I have thousands of words to my friends and want to speak to them.

Recall that the figure of a friend often appears in my mind. Our friendship has been counted as eight years. In the eight years, we have experienced a lot of things together. It is very appropriate to use it for us. We are accompanied by each other, encouraged, faced and walked through that one hand in hand The road is difficult to pass. In this spring, summer, autumn and winter, we often tell each other what we say. We will be painful for each other's pain and happiness for each other. It is a windy afternoon. We come out of the book shop. It rains. We take each other's hands and run to the station card quickly When we got on the bus home, we looked outside the window. The rain was getting bigger and the rain was getting bigger. We didn't take umbrellas. When we were about to get off, the storm followed. Because I had a cold before, she asked me if it was cold? Ask me again, is it hard? When she was ready to get off, she didn't even say anything, she took off her thickest coat and covered me, and then said she would put on it. Don't make the condition worse. The warm feeling overflowed my whole body. I suddenly thought that you put on it for me. Aren't you cold? What do you do if you are ill all your life? She said, "I'm not cold, my body is very strong, but how can I get sick with a beating body?" She said that I couldn't refuse, I had to wear it, so we helped each other to run to the home, but the next day, when I went to her home to find her to go to school, my aunt told me, "she can't go to school today, I asked her for leave, she was sick." I quickly went to her bedroom to find her. When I saw her, I was pale and powerless , my forehead is hot, my God! "How do you have a fever, how can your forehead be so hot, I said," I cried, I can't help it anymore, tears keep flowing down, I know, you are lying here today because I, if I don't wear the clothes you give me, you will not be ill if you wear them. I am really sad. I say, "are you worth it?"? Is it worth it for me? Are you worth it? " She saw me so sad and said, "don't cry, don't be sad, shouldn't friends be like this? Besides, you are my good friend. How can I not care about you? " I understand, I understand, you are my best friend. Just when she said this, she urged me to go to school. I immediately said, "no, I don't want to go to school, I will accompany you at home, I will take care of you." she immediately scolded me and said, "no, absolutely not, go to school, or I will never care about you anymore." I said, "OK, I will go, I will go to school, At that moment, I ran out with tears and ran to school. All I thought about was her. I was worth it to have such a friend in my life.