Friendship is one of the most precious feelings in life. At all times and in all over the world, I don't know how many celebrities have sung and praised it with so many beautiful poems. Once there was a great man who said, "those who can't get friendship will be miserable loners all their lives; a society without friendship is just a prosperous desert." A friend is the spokesman of friendship. They never dislike anyone and give up anyone. And with their generous heart to accommodate and accept others, so that others can feel the warmth and care of friendship in them. In prosperity, friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends. This is the comment made by famous Collins on his friends. This reminds me of a report I read in Zibo evening news not long ago. There is a pair of friends, they go climbing together. It happened that it was raining and the road was slippery. A man accidentally slipped and fell. It happened that he was surrounded by an abyss. At this critical moment, his friend immediately jumped on him and held his hand. In this way, they lasted about two hours before the "gate of death". During this time, the man in danger asked his friends to let go several times, so as not to fall down together and both of them would die. But his friend said, "hold on a little longer and someone will come to save us." Finally, it happened that three mountain workers saw it and rescued them. But the friend's hand has become deformed, but he still said to his friend with a smile: "I said someone would save us." At this time, the man had tears in his eyes, holding his friend to cry. If this happens to people without friendship, they may turn a blind eye to it or run away. Collins is right. We know our friends and their greatness in adversity. Friendship is felt and transmitted by heart. Only through personal experience can we know the value of friendship.

actually, I have a lot of experience with the word "friendship". This year's simulated Long March may be the first hike of most of our classmates, and it is also a big test in our life. In this activity, most students can walk down, not necessarily by their own ability, perseverance and strong, should rely on the mutual encouragement and support between classmates and friends. Each student has been encouraged by other students, it is these trivial encouragement and support, we will be tenacious down. During the trip, when a classmate can't hold on, the students around him will also lend a helping hand to help him pack. Although they are also very tired, it seems that this hand is not only a helping hand, but also a hand of friendship. Students do this may only get a smile or a look from each other, but they are also very happy, because they know that friends do not need to return. At lunch time, when a person's steamed bread or pickles are not enough, the students will also extend their hand of friendship and hand them steamed bread or pickles to him. Maybe they will only get a sincere "thank you". They are also very satisfied, because they know that friendship is priceless. We can see how deep and pure the friendship between students is.