Look! The pretty girl in the photo has big eyes like black pearls embedded in her white cheek, long eyelashes like fan pages flickering to attract people's love, and her small mouth like cherry is eloquent. She is my sister.

although Ye Zi is very clever, she is actually a strange girl in the ancient forest. Yesterday, my mother bought a chicken and cooked it very well. Smelling the delicious chicken, the saliva of leaf and I went straight to my stomach. Mother ran to the kitchen and said to her that she was very hungry. My mother agreed to eat chicken in advance without thinking about it.

after hearing the good news, ye ye, with bright eyes, jumped up and gave her mother a big kiss as a thank-you. Then she immediately picked up the biggest chicken leg and chewed it with relish. After solving the problem as quickly as possible, she licked her mouth and went back to the bedroom happily, laughing contentedly. When our mother changed us for dinner, we all ran to our mother quickly, fighting to eat the remaining chicken leg. The leaf turned her smart eyes and said to her mother, "Mom, give the drumsticks to my sister! I'm very humble! " I carefully observed the expression of the leaves in doubt, and I always felt that there was something strange in it. The leaves were not so generous at ordinary times Forget it. Anyway, the delicious food is mine! I laugh in my heart.

my mother didn't know there was cheating, so she began to scold me seriously, saying that I didn't have my sister to be modest The leaf squinted at me and covered her mouth with a smile It was not easy to wait until my mother finished criticizing that it was time to eat. When I was just about to enjoy the delicious food, the leaves suddenly screamed. My mother and I looked at her in surprise. The leaf is embarrassed to explain: "is because elder sister's chicken leg seems to have a hair!" With that, ye ye stretched the chopsticks to the drumsticks in my bowl and quickly clipped them. Then she pretended to look for her hair and looked at it carefully for a long time. When I was stunned, she took a surprise bite on the drumsticks and told me: "I'm tasting the taste of the drumsticks with hair for you."

I want to cry and watch my poor and lovely drumsticks being eaten by the leaves! But I can't say a word "I've decided not to talk to the leaves any more!" I thought angrily. Unexpectedly, after the drumsticks were wiped out by the leaves, the leaves wiped their mouths intoxicated, and then suddenly screamed: "my God! Sister! I accidentally tasted all your drumsticks! You don't blame me, do you I stare at the leaf angrily and funny, but I finally give in to the innocent and wronged eyes of the leaf

what a strange girl! But I love my sister.