Entering high school, I met many new teachers. Among all the teachers, my favorite one is Dai, the nature teacher. His first class left a deep impression on me. His humorous and amiable teaching style deeply attracted me.

in the first natural science class, teacher Dai is walking into the classroom. He looks very serious, tall and a little black. He shaves a clean "bayberry head", which is younger than his actual age. I thought maybe the teacher would be very fierce? At this time, a daredevil asked teacher Dai, "are you a teacher?" Not only was he not angry, he also asked with a smile, "don't you think I'm a teacher?" Then he introduced himself in a humorous way. I was immediately attracted by teacher Dai.

teacher Dai's class is really good. Each experiment is in simple language, and the examples are easy to understand. When it came to the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, he took out a strange instrument with a hollow glass ball on the left and right sides and a glass tube connected in the middle with pink liquid inside, and said, "I can do Qigong!" He held the ball on the left and the liquid flowed from the left to the right All the students think that the two balls are made of plastic, which is the result of liquid flowing through extrusion. Dai said with a smile: "I use the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction."

in class, teacher Dai affirms and praises the students who have answered the questions correctly, and encourages the students who have not answered the questions very well. Once he asked us how to measure the diameter of chalk. A classmate said to use a laser measuring instrument. We burst out laughing and said that it was "using a cannon to beat flies". But teacher Dai said, "don't laugh. This classmate is right. Who said that laser can't be used to measure small objects? This classmate is very good. I can't use laser measuring instrument, hehe. Another time, teacher Dai asked me, a student who didn't like to speak, to answer the question. Suddenly, I reluctantly answered the teacher's question. I thought, "it's terrible. It's embarrassing this time!" But teacher Dai's encouragement surprised me. "OK, OK, good answer." It makes me feel warm.

teacher Dai's teaching method is very good. It not only enlivens the classroom atmosphere, but also makes students who don't answer very well still have the confidence to speak! If some students are free and loose in class and break the classroom discipline, he always stops them first, then understands the situation and leaves the criticism after class. Last Friday, there were two students fighting in the nature class. Teacher Dai called them up and severely criticized them: "why do you fight in class? Why fight? Aren't you ashamed? " At the beginning, they were "eloquent", but when it came to why they were fighting, they got stuck. It turned out that they were fighting for the "third and eighth line"! They hung their heads in shame and played with the corners of their clothes. All they heard was an angry rebuke fr