Year after year, the wrinkles on her face are the reflection of her hard work and love. Year after year, we are accompanied by our mother through childhood, walking on the endless road of life. Looking back on the past 16 years, my mother gave me all her love and gave me a happy home. Mom, I want to say: in my life, it's wonderful because of your love. < / P > < p > snowflakes are flying all over the sky, the road is covered with a thick layer of snow quilt, and the footprints are printed in rows on the road. Sixteen years ago, a young mother with big eyes and delicate skin carried her beloved baby to the health center. At that time, she was full of strength. Now 16 years later, Dahua's eyes are shrinking, her delicate skin is getting rough, her straight waist is bending, and she can no longer carry me. With a pair of rough hands, she built a warm and loving home for me. Mom, I want to say: in my life, because of you, there is warmth, because of you, it is wonderful. < / P > < p > at night, the moonlight outside the window sprinkles on me through the window. When my mother sees the coolness, she helps me cover the quilt and nags: don't pedal the quilt at night. In my heart, it is not nagging, but love, full of love. I want to tell you, in your nagging, I grew up, also sensible, in my life, because of your nagging and wonderful. It's my mother who gave me life and courage so that I can meet success through my own efforts. < / P > < p > after 16 years of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I feel the love of 16 spring, summer, autumn and winter. It's you who let me understand the greatness of maternal love, and I can't walk through thousands of mountains and rivers. Life is still going on, maternal love will not stop, it's good to nestle in my mother's side. < p > < p > > this is how well your mother, who knows your family well, has no support for you. < / P > < p > mom, I want to say thank you. In my life, because of you and wonderful!


  小雪花满天飞舞,地面上蒙到了一层很厚雪被,在路上印出了一排排的足印。那就是十六年前一位拥有 大花双眼和细致肌肤的年轻母亲身背她深爱的商品去卫生站留有的。那时候的她充满了能量。目前十六年过去,大花双眼慢慢委缩,细致的肌肤越来越不光滑,伸直的腰杆越来越弯折,早已不能够背的起我了。她凭着一双不光滑的两手为我搭起了这一温暖的,充满爱的家。母亲我想说的是:在我的人生里,只因有你才有溫暖,只因有你,才精彩纷呈。