I know that my literary talent is mediocre, and my ideas are not innovative enough, but I want to send this article to my plain father with the most honest- In the journey of my life, the one who cares for me most is my father; The person who moved me most is still my father. My father was a simple farmer, so simple that he didn't know how to release his love for his children. Dad always says that his back hurts. It seems very serious. I remember once he said to me, "Dad's waist hurts more and more recently. If one day I leave, you should study hard. I've suffered for your mother in my life. You should be filial to her in the future." My heart was stabbed. It hurt. I ran back to my room in a hurry and slid down by the door. Dad, you won't leave me. Please watch me grow up, all the time, all the time, and all the way forward... After junior high school, I have to live in school. When I leave home, I don't say anything, I just go forward desperately. I'm afraid of my father's words, and I'm afraid of tears in front of him. When I left my father's sight, I began to complain about myself: why didn't I say goodbye to my father when I left? Why don't you wave your father when you leave? Why don't I regret too much when I leave. Every time I go home, my father is busy day and night, spring sowing, autumn harvest... I often want to advise my father not to work so hard, but what qualification do I have to advise him? Father is not so busy for my sister and me. My father dropped out of junior high school for some reasons, and since then he has taken root in this land. Although this land has raised my ancestors and my father, my father told me to leave this land. My father always told me to study hard, but his daughter, who is not eager to make progress, has not made outstanding achievements. I hate that he is not willing to be ordinary and does not work hard, but I know that although my father will not say "I love you" to his daughter like other fathers, he still loves me. At night, a man lying in bed, the figure of his father came to mind. I'm thinking: Dad, you are old, your hair turns white from the inside out, your action begins to slow down, your body begins to weaken, your eyes begin to be turbid, you look older than other people's dad, time and reality are so cruel. After the final exam results came out, I didn't do well. Looking at the dazzling results, unwilling to cry, but did not cry, because at that moment, I do not know why I think of my father. Summer vacation, back home, see my father, think of their own achievements, the eyes of the tears and swallow back. For my father, I have nothing to say, but I feel that I am a failure and dare not look into his eyes. When my father asked me about my grades, I bowed my head and told him my grades honestly. However, he didn't say anything but sighed. I saw my father's disappointment and understood his mind. But I don't know why, I prefer him to beat me and scold me, so that I can still know that he cares about my achievements and me. My father is a simple farmer, not much love language, but his love for me, like the foot of the thick land, unknown, but it is silent than sound ah