Soft sunlight shining on the study, the lily on the desk exudes a strong fragrance, I sit on the chair leisurely holding "earthly strange man". Ren sixu follows Feng Jicai's story of wandering around the street with a wine lady, buying a clay statue of Hai Zhangwu in clay figurine Zhang's shop, and brushing the wall with a brush li... Suddenly, there is a cry outside the door that can speed up the rotation of the earth. That cry, earth shaking, it is too terrible! Who will have such "super power"?


Needless to say, maybe you can guess that he is the child who has refreshed the world cry list for countless times - my brother! When it comes to breaking the world record, I can't help saying: "my brother is very talented in crying." I don't think there is a better one in the world than him in the ability of "crying". Moreover, there is no reason for his "crying" and it is impossible to prevent it. Some things, in my opinion, do not need to cry at all. However, he broke out his own strength to cry, and invited all the neighbors upstairs and downstairs to our house. Every time at this time, mom and dad will always accompany the smiling face and constantly say sorry to the neighbors.


I once calculated an account: if my brother cried ten grams of tears a day, he cried seventy grams of tears a week; Then I cried 2100 grams of tears in a month. That's more than 4 jin of tears! What about a year? Ten years? It's terrible to think about it! If it goes on like this, can it merge into a river! It's not too much to call him a "tears machine"!