“ Some roads can only be taken by one person! "


Rainy, rainy weather, put aside the confusion of thoughts, stirred the restlessness of sleep, walking alone in the rain, think of the original hometown, think of the hometown path.


The path becomes soft after the rain. I always like the muddy path, but my father behind me is pushing an old golden deer bicycle to move with difficulty. His eyes are looking at the potholes on the ground and staring at me. From time to time, he shouts: "Hey, son, be careful!" I hopped and ignored, as if every time I jumped a puddle, I would rush for energy again.


However, the good time is not long, it is to make trouble, it will touch a layer of rain on the soil beside a pit. And I just stepped on it, a careless, fell on the ground, the nose, mouth changed, immediately added a scenery. Dad saw that I fell down. He threw down his bike and ran to me, but he forgot how I fell down. All of a sudden, he stepped on a banana skin and fell down. A thin and wide scar appeared on his tender yellow skin. You quickly took out a tissue, covered the wound and limped towards me. When you put me in your arms, I suddenly felt a little disgusted and stopped crying. I also put my arms around my father


“ Pterin - pterin When the bell rang, my father gave me a kiss and said, "son, today is the graduation ceremony. You can't be late." I cried out, the road is not far from the school, but my inner timidity rushed out. Dad touched my head and said, "some things can only be done by one person, some things can only be done by one person, some things can only be done by one person, and some things can only be done by one person! Only one person can go However, I didn't understand that sentence at that time. I just looked back at my father's wound. The blood dyed the snow white into bright red. A drop of blood dropped on the ground and opened. At that time, I only knew that I wanted to run forward and stride!