Some people, destined to be deep in the corner of your heart; Some things are destined to be over and over again in memory, over and over again in memory.


There are always some people in our life. We often see them, but we never care about them. It seems that they are not important to us. But one day, when he or she suddenly disappears in front of us, we will feel at a loss. It seems that there is something missing in our life. When he or she appears again, we will hold his or her hand and sincerely say: "with you, That's good. "


That's how friends exist.


One summer, I didn't pay attention to my body. I had a fever without warning, and it was very severe. In desperation, my mother asked me for leave to rest at home for a few days. But at home, I suddenly panic: so many days don't go to school, I don't know how much new knowledge the teacher taught to the students, in a few days to mid-term exam, time is very tight, who can help me make up for the courses left behind?


A few days later, as soon as I got back to school, I borrowed my good friend's textbook and opened it. My God! In the past few days when I was ill, my classmates learned another unit. If I take part in the mid-term exam like this, it's strange that I can do well!


My good friend saw my changeable expression and immediately understood what I was thinking. She took the textbook and asked, "do you need me to help you with your lessons these days?"“ No, thank you I quickly declined. This is an extraordinary time. Time is precious. How can I waste other people's time for myself, let alone my best friend“ Why not? That's settled! Starting from today, the mid-term exam is due. I'll leave late after school every afternoon. I'll help you with your lessons. You're not allowed to "skip class." I looked at her serious expression, heart suddenly warm, pretending helpless smile nodded.