There is a kind of love, it is not publicized; There is a kind of love, which is not good at expression; There is a kind of love that can't be easily understood - it's fatherly love.


When I wrote down the two words of "father's love", my eyes were full of tears, and I had unspeakable guilt and heartache in my heart. In that Pearl like memory, there is still an unforgettable picture.


At that time, I was in the second year of junior high school, and the learning task gradually became cumbersome and heavy. I'm clumsy, and it's time-consuming, painstaking and laborious to learn. Almost every day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., I study in school. When I get home, I have to stay up until 1:00 a.m. to finish my homework. At that time, I was accompanied by a cup of hot tea that never cooled. Every night when I am about to feel sleepy, there will always be a cup of hot tea quietly appeared at my desk, I do not know why never cold. Sipping, sweet with a trace of bitterness, then a warm current Qinren every corner of the body, dispelling my sleepiness.


With such a cup of hot tea every night, I can always lift my spirits and finish my homework as soon as possible to have a rest.


The deepest memory of one time, is in the corridor outside the classroom, students are frolicking, I am absent-minded walking, someone suddenly called me, when I react to have been knocked down by students, and foot sprain can't move. The school doctor suggested that I go to the hospital to take a film. Before I finished, a figure squatted in front of me: "come on, Dad, take you to the hospital." I pretended not to hear, but I didn't want him to carry me“ Listen, go to the hospital and see if you've hurt a bone. " Dad said eagerly, I seem to be able to clearly hear the slight gasping sound mixed with a trace of heartache. Awkward for a while, in the teacher's persuasion, I let my father carry me to the hospital. To tell you the truth, his back is not comfortable, there is a bit of pain, he is struggling with me, it seems that I struggle, his back will be bent down. After a close look, I found that his back was not as broad and strong as I had noticed before, and there seemed to be a little silver lines hidden in his black hair.