As far as I am concerned, the 16 years of youth is extremely long and short. I am glad that 13 / 16 of the 16 years of life are accompanied by you!


The memory of three years old, vague, I can only vaguely remember, is my parents took me to your home to pay a new year's call, and you to the father's pants, I stretched out your right hand, and I gently, with inexplicable trust to you, slowly stretched out my left hand, that is our acquaintance! Later, when we didn't grow up, outsiders saw that we had a good relationship, but no one knew that there was a year of cold war between us. Now in retrospect, that is still the thing I feel most sorry for you and dare not mention at will! I felt extremely shameful for my stupid behavior at that time! But in retrospect, the cause of the cold war is still inconclusive.


With the growth of age, you gradually have a larger circle of your own, and you are still groping for your own feelings. Later, when I finally want to be in the same school with you, you fly out of the city. For me, when I was young, you fly to a place I can't touch. After living in a foreign land for five years, I can never imagine how you did it when you were only thirty-four years old in Beijing, the capital of China! I can never imagine the hardships! But even if it's difficult and dangerous, you will always leave me a message saying, take care of yourself! Even after entering junior high school, you also take care of me for fear that I will be bullied in junior high school.