I like a star especially since I was a child. He is the king of heaven, Nicholas Tse. The first time I heard his song was in a very old record store. At that time, the store played his song. Thank you for your love. I was attracted by this arrogant voice. So I went home and took out all my pocket money to buy his record. On the cover of the record, a prodigal with long hair was playing the guitar. At that time, I knew that Nicholas Tse was not just a voice The sound is charming and the face value is high.


After that, Nicholas Tse accompanied me for a long time. I would support his films and TV plays. However, no one can have a smooth sailing, his marriage has been in great trouble, for a time, opinions vary, which gives him a big blow. But idols are idols after all, and he soon cheered up. And the focus changed to cooking, he continued to learn cooking skills, become a very high success in cooking.


Looking back on my career so far, I have been very successful in acting and singing, and even the chef has done a good job. Today, I appreciate not only his appearance and talent, but also his leisurely and open-minded attitude of playing life. Now he is with his original lover Faye Wong again, hoping that he can have a better life and become a winner in life.