Today, I heard the song of invisible wings again. This song was sung by a singer I admire very much. She is little queen Zhang Shaohan. Her voice is sweet and psychedelic, which seems to bring you into a wonderful world all the time. The style of this song is lyrical, with a little inspirational and soothing power.


I also have a memorable memory about this song: at that time, a good friend of mine was a Xiang. We went to school together, finished school together, ate together, played games together. Although she was a girl, our relationship was like a brother. She appreciated my tenderness and I appreciated her perseverance. But such a determined person also has a very sad story. A Xiang's parents are divorcing. She has a lot of feelings for her parents. I can imagine how sad it is for a Xiang to have such a heavy feeling.

  有关这歌我还有一段很非常值得纪念的追忆:那个时候我的一个最好的朋友叫阿香,大家每日一起念书,一起放学后,一起吃饭,一起玩游戏,尽管她是女孩,但我们的关系就仿佛弟兄一般,她赏析我的温婉,我赏析她的刚毅。可那么一个刚毅的人也拥有 很让人伤心的小故事,阿香的爸爸妈妈已经闹离异,她对爸爸妈妈都很有情感,针对那么重情义的阿香碰到这类事有多伤心我能想像。

When I saw her sad look, I didn't know what to say. I took out the earphone and put it on for a Xiang. The invisible wings slowly came out from the earphone and a Xiang shed tears. But I seemed to see that a trace of perseverance appeared on her face again. I knew that the original a Xiang was back......


After so many years, I heard this song again. How are you, Ah Xiang? Are you still listening to this song?