In the evening, I sat in my yard and looked up at the stars in the sky. Many beautiful stars blinked happily in the sky. Close your eyes, I imagine when I can grow up!


This afternoon, I came home from school. When I got home, my mother was cooking at home. Before my father came back, I stood at the intersection and waited for my father to come home. Far away, I saw my father looking at his tired body and carrying a heavy hoe. The dusk sun was shining on his little body, which seemed so thin. Is this my father? This is not my father, right? In my mind, my father has always been tall and majestic, but my father is so thin and small, so tired, looking so weak. Yes, my father is old. In order to bring us up, he works so hard every day to go out early and come back late. The ruthlessness of years drives him to be old. We grow up slowly, but my father is old


So my biggest wish is to grow up quickly and share with my father what I can, so that my father will no longer work so hard.

  所以我较大 的心愿便是能赶快的成长替父亲分摊一些有意义的事的事,让父亲不会再那么的艰辛。