My next door lives a very lovely little sister, her name is Wang Mengyi, she is a gentle and considerate, and positive good friend, is the positive energy around me. She has a pair of bright eyes. When she looks at you, it looks like a clear spring flowing slowly towards you. She also has a gentle smile. Every time she sees it, she seems to forget all her troubles. She just wants to refuel and become an excellent person like her.


I remember a few years ago, we used to ride in the parking lot of the community. Every time at night, the parking lot would be very dark. Cycling at this time was really nervous and exciting. At that time, I was a timid and introverted little boy, and I didn't dare to do many things. But Wang Mengyi would comfort me every time, like a sister. Although she was younger than me, she always felt that she was protecting me . She helped me to the side of the car and said to me, you are a man, you have to believe that there is nothing you can't do, if you can challenge yourself, we will be proud of you, come on! I listened to her words, spirit shock, immediately rushed into the car, even if the dark night makes me a little afraid, but her encouragement is like a beacon to give me direction.


Now we have grown up a lot, but still cherish this friendship, I hope I can keep this friendship, so I also want to become better, become as good as her, and illuminate the people around her.

  如今的我们长大了很多,但或是很爱惜这一份友情,我很期待我可以把这一份友情一直维持下来,因此 我也要越来越更强,变成和她一样成功的人,和她一样点亮身边的人。