Before, I didn't like a star idol crazily. Beauty bar, feeling that the entertainment industry which is not handsome? Talent, I don't have much research on music appreciation, just listen to it. Until, forget when, is imperceptible? Anyway, I'm crazy about brilliance now.


Huachenyu is an idol worthy of my study.


His attitude towards music is something people in all industries need to learn. Instead of following the popular line, he is willing to take the lead. He said, why can't I lead the market? He didn't drift with the tide and lose himself. He insisted on himself and always made high-quality music. Moreover, he said that he had a responsibility to improve the music aesthetics of the Chinese people,


His attitude to music is very serious, however, he is a casual and frank person in his life. Except for music, he lives at will. It's his mantra to be casual. He is a man without the burden of idols. He will eat all the time, he will be shy, he will laugh wildly, he will improvise to let Lin Zhiling and Zhang Xinyi cover their heads with a pot and cut a pot cover Too much, too much, his casual attitude towards life is what I pursue.


And his confidence, true and not hypocritical, confident and not conceited. He can say without hesitation that he likes his performance best, wants to see his own concert and gives his performance full marks Maybe, sometimes we don't really need to be modest and it's good to praise ourselves with confidence.