Everyone in my family is like an animal, and their families form a small "zoo".


My father has a sparse hair, a big spleen and stomach, strong arms and legs. He likes bacon and double cooked pork... He is as strict as a tiger. As long as I talk and jump on the sofa when I do my homework, he will take up his weapon - the fly swatter will hit me on the leg "it hurts..."


My mother's hair is curly. It looks like a sheep when she is dressed. He prefers to eat vegetables rather than fat meat. She's much gentler than dad. We make mistakes. She only criticizes us and talks to us. She doesn't beat us.


I have a lot of hair and it's fluffy. My temperament belongs to chronic, like to eat fried meat, very sunny, very cheerful, I think I am a big lion. One day, we, a group of small animals, went on a tour. Among the many foods in the hotel, my favorite is rice porridge with a little sugar.


I feel very happy and happy living in such a "zoo".