My father is not tall, but he likes smoking very much. Next, let me talk about his "mileage" of smoking!


I have a father who loves smoking. When he talks with friends, he will "entertain" friends with cigarettes. Each person sends a cigarette that is lit, which is smelling in the air. It is really bad to smell it. A little closer to his father, he looks up at the sky. The gray smoke group blackens his hair on his head.


Dad smokes when he plays with his mobile phone, when he walks, and before he goes to bed. Seeing that he loves cigarettes so much, I really want to help him quit smoking.


The smell of smoke makes people feel uncomfortable. I often say to my father, "Dad, can you stop smoking?" Dad said, "OK, OK!" Although the mouth readily agreed, but no action. I say almost every day, "Dad, when can you stop smoking?" He always smiles at me, I sigh: look, you are a giant of language, a dwarf of action.


In my mother and I repeatedly dissuade, Dad finally stopped smoking. The relationship between Dad and tobacco is just like the "Spinach Soup" in our canteen.