Open the toilet door and look in the mirror. His haggard appearance came into our eyes: under the small but God's eyes, the black eyelids slowly wriggled wantonly, and the eyes were even more miserable. Look at it, it's like a - big fool. As for why, don't worry. Listen to me.


In the morning of recitation, he is always complaining. In my opinion, although he is ugly and his achievements are average, these shortcomings are not only insignificant, but also advantages compared with his death.


“《 The author of a dream of Red Mansions is... "He scratched his ears, but he still couldn't think of it. He had to sigh, and then gritted his teeth to his classmates: "I hate endorsement to the bone." He sighed, it seems that the penalty copy is essential.


“ Shasha When the melodious music sounded, he had no elegance at all, just because it was his pen. He copied and copied, the passing time in his pen, the blink of an eye has been 11 o'clock.


He wanted to sleep for five minutes, but instinctively he broke his promise - he slept until the next day.


Just when he was so anxious, he never thought that his parents had already figured out the Countermeasures: if you recite it, you don't have to copy it! However, it was too late. He had copied it six times!


This is the big fool in my eyes - he Yihao.