The road of life is long! On the way of my life, there is a person who impressed me deeply in my memory. She let me understand a lot of truth - this person is my head teacher, Mr. Wang.


Mr. Wang is a kind and gentle teacher. Although she looks ordinary, she has a beautiful heart. She has been sticking to her professional ethics for more than 30 years. At such an old age, she still teaches silently and imparts the knowledge she has learned all her life to us without reservation, which really makes me admire her.


The quality of Mr. Wang is very high. She never hit her students, and her classmates respected her very much. I grew up from an ignorant child to a sixth grade student who will be promoted to junior high school. What I learned during this period is inseparable from teacher Wang's instruction. Miss Wang is not seeking fame or profit, but devoted to the cause of education. Her professionalism is always worth learning.


We are nearing graduation, and the day of parting with Mr. Wang is getting closer and closer. I will always remember the merits of Mr. Wang. On the road of my life, Mr. Wang's words will always linger in my ears, and my teacher's kindness will be unforgettable!