Think about it, six years have passed, and it's true that time does not go around. In the past six years, I have many partners, but today I'll introduce my intimate partners to you.


She is a girl with long hair like willow branches, small mouth and big eyes, high nose like a mountain, and medium height. She is lanxuan er. She is the teacher's right-hand assistant. She has eyes and ancient spirits. Do you think this is a fiery contrast! But that's what she is.


First of all, I would like to talk about her eyes. The bell rang: "Ding Dong" "Ding Dong". She immediately sat on her seat. Her small eyes never slipped away. She was staring at the teacher's hand. Where the teacher's thinking was, where her thinking was.


Let's talk about her ancient spirit! The bell rang after class: "Ding Dong" "Ding Dong" she rushed out of the classroom and ran to the English teacher's office. When someone talked to her, she didn't answer. It was like there was no one beside her. To use an idiom, she could make others happy with a strange expression, like a psychologist.


This is my good partner, a little girl with eyes, lively and lovely.