Talking about the four living treasures in our class, if you stay in our class for a day, you will feel unbearable.


First of all, he is a little boy. His name is song Zuting. If you mess with him, he'll beat you up as soon as class is over. He is worthy of being the bully of our class.


The second one is a little girl. Her name is song Yiting. She doesn't scold you very much. If you offend her, she will swear all the time.


The third is a girl. Her name is song Yingying. Her unique skill is to be short tempered.


Oh, don't be angry. This must be song Yingying's temper.


The fourth time is a more energetic girl. Her name is Ke Minghui. She always runs around with Yating's shoes, and Yating can't catch up with her. Just hang there, Yating can't wait, said: "I don't want that pair of shoes, I wear other shoes.". Having said that, Yating is ready to go home. At this time, Minghui returns the shoes to Yating. At this time, Yating ran back with her shoes.


Mentioning the four living treasures of our class, I feel very happy in this class, although I am about to graduate. I will never forget my sister and the four living treasures. The memories of childhood are so pure.