My mother loves to watch mobile phones. Whenever she is free, she will take out her mobile phone to watch.


Once, my family went to a hotel for dinner, and my grandparents filled up the meal. However, my grandparents, dad and aunt were all eating, and only my mom was still watching the mobile phone. My grandparents were very angry.


Another time, when I was after school, my mother picked me up by bike. All the way, she was looking at her mobile phone, and almost ran into the grandmother walking on the road.


I think this kind of behavior is wrong. Because playing with mobile phones for a long time will affect IQ, but also make the cervical spine damaged, light vision decline, serious words can even cause retinal detachment.


I decided to get rid of my mother's bad habits, so that my mother will no longer indulge in playing mobile phones.


Once when my mother was watching my mobile phone on the sofa, I went up to stop it and asked my mother to put it down and accompany me to play badminton. As long as I see my mother is free, I will let her accompany me to read books, do homework and tell stories.


With my help, my mother's bad habits were finally corrected by me. I want to say to you, "don't keep looking at your mobile phone, please put down your mobile phone, accompany your family and children, and be a healthy person."