“ Wow - Wow - wow "the classroom is full of crying. When you walk in, it's Zhu kexuan in our class who is crying.


In the sunny sky, the students gather.


We play outside, because she always likes to complain, always toss, can't stand. As a result, we hated her, so we nicknamed her "pig spits blood". She ran to the restaurant like flash. As soon as we got to the restaurant, we heard the cry, which sounded like a cannon. Parents rushed over to deal with the dispute.


From then on, we see her like a monster, and we are Altman who saves the world, bullying her again and again.


This semester, I ran for the Deputy monitor, while she only ran for the math class representative. I have many professional tasks to deal with many other people's quarrels. And she please the teacher's like, so, she felt that she was the boss in the class, all day long, in the class, make some students don't like her. In this way, she was a lot of irony, as long as a talk about her, on the "downpour, rain from the sky."


In a class, the teacher saw her talking, so he called her name and asked her to stand for a few minutes. Tears trickled down. The teacher sympathized with her and called her down, but we were all jealous.


“ "Wow - Wow - wow" cry again