We have a Chinese teacher, Chen Weiwei. She has a shawl of long brown hair, watery eyes, twinkling, like a bright star, a tall nose, a cherry mouth, very beautiful! Mr. Chen is not only a teaching lady, but also a multi-functional teacher.


A cheerleader of enthusiasm


Every sports meeting, Mr. Chen will go with us to watch exciting games. As soon as there are students in our class, she will be excited. The competition started, and the players rushed to the end of the race. Chen shouts "come on, come on!", I photographed the whole process of the game.


Gentle mother


Our teacher Chen is very amiable, just like a gentle mother. Once, I did badly in the exam. She gently stroked my head, and said to me seriously: "it doesn't matter if you're bad in the exam, but you should learn a lesson and try to correct it, OK?" I nodded and shed tears.


This is our multi-functional teacher. Sometimes she is like an enthusiastic cheerleader, sometimes she is like a gentle mother. I like her very much.