There is a very handsome young man in our class. His hair is hard and black. His round face has a pair of big watery eyes. His black eyes shine like gems. He is tall and has long legs, so every time he stands in line after school, he always walks in front of others.


He loves sports and is a good sprinter in our class. Once at a school sports meeting, his performance in sprinting surprised us. The teacher said: "all ready"! He was immediately absorbed and bent down to prepare. 3、 And 2、 When he heard a whistle, he rushed to the front like an arrow, and watched the people behind him catch up. He clenched his fist, gritted his teeth, threw them away, and reached the finish line as quickly as possible, becoming the first. He is really the "super cheetah" in our class.


He and I also have a common interest: super like dinosaurs. Among them, his favorite herbivorous dinosaurs are: Banlong, Triceratops... His favorite carnivorous dinosaurs are: echinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, southern giant beast Dragon... Even he usually walks like echinosaurus!


Guess who this "super cheetah" with extraordinary speed, strength, wisdom and tactics is?