Lu Shiba is a junior two student who is over 13 years old and dissatisfied with 14 years old. It can be said that she lived out the envy of all the girls, with excellent grades and outstanding appearance. She was the monitor in the class and managed the class order with her voice all day long. In the eyes of the students, a man is very lively, but it's time to be quiet. There are always a group of friends who are so good that they are lively, cheerful and naive, just like those made for her. Her biggest hobby is watching the sunset.


When we got to junior high school, no one picked up her again. She needs to get off every day and go back to grandma's house on the second floor to eat and then go back to her own house on the third floor to study. Slowly she was used to her home day, enjoying the sunset and pacing back.


At the thought of not having a good lunch at noon, Lu Shiba quickened his pace and climbed to grandma's house on the third floor. As soon as I opened the door, I smelled a smell of rice, followed by Grandma's gentle voice: "come back? Mom and Dad don't come back? " Without thinking about it, Lu Shiba said, "well, No It seems that this has been taken for granted. Lu Shiba thought that after dinner tonight, he must walk downstairs for two times before going upstairs to study. There are too many things to do these two days. No one, no heart.


Lu Shiba couldn't help but put out his hand to touch the sunlight and laughed“ Life is too short, "she murmured." forever. ".