I was born slow, slow homework, brush my teeth, wash my face slowly, draw slowly... Anyway, everything is like the speed of tortoise, so get a nickname "woodlouse", that is the meaning of tortoise.


Once when I was sleeping, I was suddenly woken up by a firecracker like scolding sound. I opened my sleepy eyes, and there was a sea of homework in front of me. Then I turned to see, ah, a "lioness"! My heart a shock, eh, a close look, this is not my mother? Now she looks like an angry lion, her eyes seem to be able to spit out fire to eat me. After a while, I realized that I fell asleep when I was doing my homework. Mother said a Datong, her words such as the water in the Yellow River, listen to me tired to death. But there is a saying that is true, this is the "vicious circle", I do homework too slowly at night, leading to sleep too late, sleep less, then I do homework at night will go to bed. I'm slow, and sleep makes me even slower. My mother also said that it not only delayed her own time, but also delayed her time, because she wanted to keep me and accompany me. Of course, I don't agree. As the saying goes, slow work leads to meticulous work. Slow work leads to good work. But I dare not say it, so I have to hold it in my stomach. By the way, don't tell my mother, or I'll be scolded to death by her!

一次晚上睡觉,我忽然被一阵爆竹一样的斥责声弄醒,张开蒙眬的睡眠,眼前是一片工作的汪洋,再转头一看,呀,一头“母狮子”!我内心一震,咦,定睛一看,这不是我妈妈吗?她如今好似一只恼怒的狮子座,双眼好像能喷出来火来,要把我吃了一样。过了一会儿,.我意识到,其实做作业时又睡觉了。母亲说了一大通汽车,她得话如大河里的水侃侃而谈,听得我还好烦。但是有句话没有错,这就是“恶循环”,我夜里做作业很慢,造成 入睡太迟,觉睡得少,那么我夜里做作业便会入睡。我原本就慢,再再加上入睡,那么就变慢了。我妈妈还说,这不但耽搁了自身的時间,还耽搁了她的時间,由于她要守着我、陪我。我自然不服气了,俗话说得好慢工细活,慢一点能够出好工啊。可我不敢说出来,只能憋在肚里。正确了,你千万不要对我不想活了,要不然我想被她训去世了!

Slow me, ah!