“ Wow... Wow... "For several days in a row, as soon as I get home, I will see my mother holding my sister walking around in the living room to coax her. This is the fifth same night. My sister is not feeling well these days, and she is always crying like this. Is tomorrow another night like this? No, it's not.


Today, I still walk home as usual. Strangely enough, the cry has disappeared. Did they take my sister out for a walk? I thought in my heart, suddenly I saw a small figure sitting on the floor of the living room, playing with toys alone, chubby little hand with plush toys, mouth still kept whispering, as if playing across the house.

今天我或是像以往一样走回家了,令人费解的是,哭泣声居然消失了,难道说她们带上亲妹妹出来 散散步了没有?我还在内心思忖,突然我看到一个小小影子坐着大客厅的地面上,独自一人在玩耍,肉乎乎的小手握着毛绒娃娃,口中还不断的低声叨唠,仿佛在玩过家家游戏。

Her big eyes blinked and her little face was red like a little apple. She was so cute. What's going on? I asked in surprise, "why didn't my sister cry today?"“ Because things will always change, and we are the same. If my sister is better today, of course she won't make trouble. " My mother replied.


I went to my sister's side and looked at her quietly. Looking at her clever appearance, I also felt happy. I said to my mother, "my sister's clever appearance is so beautiful!"


I really hope my sister is healthy and happy every day. I will always be the most beautiful and lovely baby in my heart. Come on, sister!