It's new year. The streets are not so busy. Everything is red, dragon and lion dances everywhere, and from time to time, there are rows of people in blue gray shirts waving fans in the square. The first lady was dressed differently from others. She was wearing a rose red shirt, and the embroidered blue skirt seemed to be inlaid on her neck. On the top of his head, he wore a gold scarf, surrounded by emerald green and red flowers, and on the right was a big white peony. Under the sleeve hangs the thorn gold red brocade bag, also does not know inside has any treasure. In his left hand, he held a large dry pipe with a golden mouth. The pipe was as black as ink, as if someone had dyed the top carbon ink on it. The cigarette end was coated with a layer of yellow pigment, and the green tobacco was gently stuffed on it. Aunt's face is painted with oil, her eyebrows are a little red, her cheeks are a little red, her lips are black red, and her ear ornaments are red. In her right hand, a Pufan, a withered and yellowish blade, and a pale yellow outline, fluttered back and forth in her hands. Next to her, there was an old man with red buttons in white clothes, red seal in hand, and a circle of Xiaoyao towel tied on his head. He was as smiling as a white headed fairy urn.