My classmate Xiao Ming practices "muscle Gong" all day long, so he gets the name "muscle elder brother".


He usually spends most of his time practicing "muscle work.". Once in an English class, he turned to me and said, "my muscles are built after years of exercise." As he said, he rolled up his sleeves and pointed to the muscles on his arm. "See, my muscles can still jump!" With that, he began to smile. At this time, the English teacher glared at him and said: "Xiao Ming, I warn you once, don't be caught by me again!"“ Muscle big brother had to pretend to listen to the class seriously again.


After a while, "muscle elder brother" turned to me at the risk of being warned and said, "watch me perform muscle skill!" After that, he rolled up his sleeves, straightened his hands up, loosened his muscles, and showed his developed muscles. He also complacently said: "I'm the best in the world with iron cloth shirt and muscle skill. Don't believe it? Come on, you hit me, it's OK to keep it I didn't care to talk to him, so I pretended not to hear. Who knows, he said: "you don't hit me, I can hit you?" I still ignored him. He came here with a punch. This is good. He was found by the English teacher.


“ Xiao Ming! I think you really have nothing to do! Go and take out the garbage