My parents never like to talk about everything. They all pay more attention to the final action. When I was a child, I was very clingy to my father. In my impression, I seldom saw him. As he said, "I didn't seem to have seen him when I was a child. I grew up all of a sudden." I don't know when, Dad's wrinkles on his face are getting deeper and deeper, his calluses on his hands are getting more and more, and his hair is getting white inadvertently. He never told us about the hardships outside, as if he had never experienced all this.


My mother and I have always been told that we are not like mother and daughter, but more like sisters. When my mother went out to choose clothes, I would sit on the side and watch, and she would ask me if it looked good. In my eyes, she is like a little girl who has not grown up. She will talk to me freely, without the estrangement between mother and daughter. She always said to me, "when you talk to me, it's not like talking to an elder."


I think my parents may be different from other people's parents. They may sometimes make mistakes, but they are also the first parents. They are trying their best to do the best they can for us.