Just woke up in the morning, vaguely heard a quarrel in the kitchen, it turned out that they were quarreling about who was cooking breakfast for.


When I came to the kitchen, I saw my father holding eggs in one hand and a bowl in the other, while my mother was cooking. While beating eggs, dad said, "can you get up earlier every day? You have to get up early to cook for the children." Mother put down the pot, put the rice on the table, said: "you get up early, why don't you cook." Next, they put the dishes and chopsticks neatly on the table and poured the tea. Generally, my father comes to wake me up, while my mother goes to wake my sister up. I feel that the two of them are able to fight and work together, like a sophisticated machine. When eating, dad often lowers his head and eats his own food. While my mother was eating her own food, she would talk to me about my study, and then she would ask me to tutor my sister's study. At this time, my father would insert a sentence, "I heard you have no son, mom is right." This makes me laugh and cry, so every breakfast time, in the face of their turns of education, I am very suffering.


Many times, even if they disagree, they can always be consistent in their actions. Who doesn't love such parents? Ha ha.

许多情况下,即便 她们建议不一致,但在行动上总是能保证一致,那样的爸爸妈妈,谁不喜欢呢嘿嘿。