My father, like me, is a well rounded face, but in recent years, he has been losing weight rapidly, but it seems to give people a very spiritual feeling. His face is bronze, maybe this is the result of father-in-law sun's special love for his father. His father's eyes are deep and deep, and he always feels that there are many things in them. But whenever I see us, my eyes are very kind, there is a heavy love. There are some whiskers on my father's chin, which grow on his chin. Some are green, some are black. A few wrinkles have been deeply imprinted on my father's forehead. It's not like we need to raise our heads and frown to appear. They seem to be ready to set up camp.


My father bowed his back in the field and worked hard. The afterglow of the setting sun pulled his figure long and long. He lifted the farm tools with both hands, and then dug down with his strength. When he lifted them up, because there was soil on the farm tools, it took a lot of effort, so it was not so smooth. As time went by, his sweat began to fall, and suddenly his father stood up straight, Seems to see me, just a smile, did not say anything, as if silence is his birthright.