Miss Luo is our Chinese teacher. She is about twenty years old. Slender figure, thick black eyebrows, a pair of bright eyes, eyes with a trace of severity. Although Mr. Luo is very strict in class, he is very concerned about his classmates.


One day at noon, I was playing in the classroom, suddenly my foot hit the corner of the table, bleeding, I cried out in pain. My friend took me to the teacher's office in a hurry. When Mr. Luo saw that my feet were bleeding, he put some medicine on my feet and then took me to the infirmary. Along the way, the teacher asked me from time to time: "does it hurt? We'll be in the infirmary in a minute When I got to the infirmary, there was no one inside, so Mr. Luo helped me disinfect the wound. Looking at Mr. Luo, I feel very at ease.


After a while, Luo teacher to deal with the wound, her face has been covered with sweat, looking at Luo teacher kind look, my heart warm, feet are not so painful, my heart is full of my respect for the teacher.


How can we not like a teacher who cares about her classmates like this? Miss Luo is like a piece of blue sky, we are like a bird, flying freely in the blue sky. I love Miss Luo!