It was an early reading class. The Chinese teacher asked the students who recited the text to write it silently in the classroom, while the students who didn't recite it silently in the corridor. Soon the students were divided into two categories: one was inside, the other was outside. The teacher supervised the dictation. There was no sound in the classroom, and only the rustling sound was heard outside.


All of a sudden, someone recited it loudly, and the room was full of laughter - he could not help but listen to him. The teacher stepped out of the classroom and asked the most naughty student in the class, "who?"“ I don't know, ah, I'm over there. "At the same time, a smile flashed on my face. The teacher was enraged immediately: "you are blind, I am not blind." It looks like a fight. The student was forced by the teacher's anger and whispered, "I'm wrong."“ If you cheat others, it's also a crime. It's the object of my punishment. " All the students present knew that this student was bullying the teacher - Gu Li, not Gu Wai.


In many cases, teachers become the object of teasing students. If a teacher blindly pays great love, the more times he is teased, the more impression he gives students is that he can fool them. Learning is a hard thing. Who doesn't want to lie down and climb? —— The result is to harm others and oneself.


After that, students rarely cheat in front of the teacher, the teacher said: "the primary task of learning is to learn to be honest, my task is to fight against fraud."