See this composition topic, you must be very strange! How could a teacher be so angry? How can a teacher like to get angry? Aren't all the teachers pleasant and gentle? How can there be such a teacher? You're wrong. The teacher's anger is good for us. What's the matter? You can't understand it? Hee hee, let me tell you! In fact, there is a reason for teachers to be angry
as long as our homework book is full of mistakes, the handwriting is not neat and elegant, and the book is full of oil stains in the East and a breach in the west, then the teacher's temper will reach the bottom line, and he will yell at you immediately: "what's the matter? Did you do your homework carefully yesterday! How did you do your homework? Did you sleep when you did your homework yesterday? You see, why so many mistakes? Take it back and write it again Look, our teacher's temper is not built. However, the teacher said that, in fact, it is for our good, so that we can know that it is wrong not to do homework seriously, and we should also do homework carefully, without any slack. It is the teacher who treats us so harshly that we can remember deeply, realize how serious this mistake is, and repent to correct it, so that we will never make it again.
it's all thanks to our angry teacher! Without her, how could we have today's good habits?