My grandfather is a basketball fan. He was a member of the provincial basketball team when he was young. Now he is 67 years old. He organized an old basketball team. Every Tuesday and Saturday morning, he led a group of grandparents to play basketball and exercise. He is the coach of the old basketball team.
when my grandfather is at home, he always focuses on basketball. As long as there is a basketball game on TV, I won't even watch my favorite cartoon. Walking into his room, there are books about basketball on his desk and under his pillow. But now grandfather's performance is much better, because once when he was cooking at home, he was fascinated by the basketball game. He forgot to steam the dishes on the kitchen fire. As a result, the dishes were burnt and the pot was dry. Fortunately, grandma smelled the scorching smell when she went home, and quickly ran to the kitchen to turn off the fire. When mom got home from work, grandma couldn't wait to complain to mom. At last, the two women gave grandpa a hard talk, and grandpa knew he was wrong.
my grandfather often tells me about their team, who plays well, who has strong physical strength, and how the game ends with other teams one day. From then on, I fell in love with basketball unconsciously.
my "basketball fan" grandfather is really a lovely grandfather!