I am a very vulnerable person. Whenever I encounter setbacks, I will lose heart immediately. Everything is the same. But I'm also a perfectionist.
take the final exam results for example, the total score can be 294.5. Unfortunately, due to carelessness in mathematics, I lost 5 points and directly fell back to 289.5. This is a big blow to me, because I have never experienced the pain of failure, I never know my score in the next 290 points of that day, my heart will be what? However, I dare not face my classmates, because I am afraid they will laugh at me and abuse me. But fortunately, I have a lot of classmates and friends who will come to help me and encourage me in time, so that I can pick myself up and stand up again where I failed. I believe that as long as through my efforts, there is nothing I can't do!
please remember one sentence: go your own way and let others say it! No matter what others think of you, you just have to admit in your own heart that you are always the best! I believe that difficulties need to be solved by people who have the ability, and I am the one who has the ability to solve difficulties! Believe in yourself, you can do it!