My mother has been over 40 years, no longer young, but she not only has a warm childlike innocence, but also very studious.
it turns out that when their mothers were young, the environmental conditions at home were far from what we are now. Sometimes they couldn't eat enough, sometimes they were displaced, and sometimes it was extremely difficult to meet their parents. Not to mention learning, it's just wishful thinking for them. Some children who are slightly richer in their families are qualified to go to primary school to learn some knowledge about microblog. At that time, my mother's family was very poor, so she didn't go to school. Now it's not the same. Technology is so advanced, society is so prosperous, mother's studious class comes up.
she asked me to be her little teacher. Every day, I asked her to copy the English letters twice, write the new words we learned three times, preview She has to do more than our primary school students, but she has always been hard-working, hard-working, I was moved by the spirit of my mother.
Yes, now that we have such a good opportunity to learn knowledge and be a good person, why can we say no?

  原先,在母亲她们小的时候,家中的自然环境标准都远远地沒有大家如今的好,有时连饭都食不果腹,有时民不聊生,有时相见一次父母全是钻冰求火。更别说学习培训这回事儿了,对她们而言真是便是白日做梦,有一些家中略微颇具一些的小孩才有资质上中小学学一些新浪微博的专业知识。那时,母亲家中也十分的贫困,因此 也没念书。如今并不一样了,高新科技这般优秀,社会发展这般兴旺发达,母亲的又很好学劲头课就上去了。