The annual ceremony of "health care Eagle" is about to begin.
I recommend Zhu World Bank as the winner of the health care chapter. He especially likes playing basketball. As soon as he finished school, he would play at school and during his free time in P.E. class. Once, because the teacher didn't let him play basketball, he was so angry that he cried. His wechat name was changed to basketball prince. It can be said that he is the best player in our class.
once, when our class was competing with other students, Zhu world bank didn't take part in the competition because of his foot injury. At first, our class fell behind by a big score, and everyone was sweating. What should we do? At this time, Zhu world bank stepped forward. He resisted the pressure, endured the pain, jumped on the field, dodged right and right, and finally turned the tide. Finally, he won more than ten points with his own strength, surpassed his opponent, and finally won the game. And so he went to the hospital.
therefore, I recommend Zhu World Bank as the winner of this health care medal. We learn from Zhu Shihao.
Zhu is the basketball Prince of our class.

  因此 推存朱世界银行,变成此次健康保健奖牌的获奖者,大家向朱世豪学习培训。